About WordPress Websites Madison

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If you are considering a WordPress website in or around the Madison WI market area, Southern Wisconsin, or anywhere for that matter, please visit my portfolio to see why you might want to work with me.  I have been passionate about WordPress since building over 90 websites since the fall of 2010.  I have attended a Wordcamp in the Twin Cities to further develop my skills and plan to attend another this summer.

There are many reasons to love WordPress, but most importantly, for you, my customer, you need to know that WordPress has a built in content management system that allows you to easily manage your own website, should you choose.  If you are looking for a website that you can update yourself, load your own images, upload unlimited amount of images, turn pages on and off, use password restriction or user registration, calendars, forms and more, then WordPress websites are a very good solution for you.

To see first hand how easy it is, let’s set up an online meeting where you can visually see these changes to your pages and adding most photos without editing size, etc.  I will let you log into a test platform site I have set up to a WordPress website.  After I show you some of the basics, feel free to play with it yourself.

Should you like what you see on this WordPress platform, then we can further discuss where you want to go from there.  Our discussion will start out with a search of your keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  That is always the foundation to a good website.  Search results.  And we will focus on getting you there.  Then we discuss: Design, colors, pages, content, etc.  It is very exciting to watch this development and even more fun when you begin to get business from it!!

Email me for more information or to set an appointment phone me @ 608-558-9908.